HyperAudio – Preparing Audio for Compression and Streaming while Optimizing the User Experience

HyperAudio – Preparing Audio for Compression and Streaming while Optimizing the User Experience

One of the overlooked aspects of streaming is the impact compression has on analog audio signals, especially when delivered to 2 channel devices such as internal Television Speakers.    With the release of HyperAudio processing by 4K Studios,  UltraFlix users will experience a best in class audio experience combined with award winning video streaming technology.

HyperAudio processing is a step during the mastering process when files are being encoded with compressed audio.  The process includes analysis of the entire soundtrack prior to processing allowing for the compression and encoding to take into account the entire movie.  Several of the issues with standard encoding and compression methods include an imbalance between scenes of volume levels, clipping of peaks in audio, and loss of overall warmth of the audio.

One of the issues during audio encoding and compression is that you can end up with a wide variation of contrast during quiet portions as compared to loud portions of the soundtrack.  Much like two pass video encoding techniques, by processing audio in a two pass method, the encoding and compression can take into account the variations in the audio track and make setting changes per scene accordingly.

Another issue that plagues digital audio encoding and compression is clipped peaks can often appear, distorting audio, particularly during loud scenes making it even more noticeable.  The problem by compressing with a single pass, or using a single band limiter you will often find that powerful highs will dull the sounds of the low frequencies, or powerful low frequencies will clip the high notes.  With multiband processing, and compressing each range of audio separately, then limiting them combined will provide for the maximum clarity even in loud scenes.  By processing the audio through a multi-band processor, HyperAudio ensures a much clearer and cleaner audio experience.

During processing HyperAudio implements the use of several filters using proprietary algorithms which allow for the optimized compression settings to ensure less distortion, better quality, consistent volume equal clarity and dynamic range between scenes.